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General Information on Caribbean Travel Documents

Before setting out on travel to theCaribbean or to any part of the world for that matter, it is wise to do s bit of research on the country you intend to travel to. Even though you are going on business, or to visit a friend or family relative, get some information about the culture, economy and politics of that country, as this would help to reduce shock and increase anticipation of certain things that are unfamiliar to you, so that you are able to better handle situations that may arise while on travel.

Caribbean travel is no different from traveling to other parts of the world. One thing that you will be unable to get anywhere in the Caribbean without is a passport; a valid passport at that. Passports are very important documents for Caribbean travel, as no country will allow entry without a passport. As travel documents, apassport must be valid, meaning that it should not be expired or carry any stamp stating that the passport was issued for travel only to certain countries or places, such as in the case of an emergency passport.. As a necessary for Caribbean travel document, a passport must be safely secured and not lost. In the event a passport gets lost or stolen during your stay in the Caribbean or during travel to or from the Caribbean, the relevant authorities must be immediately contacted. In some instances, this travel matter may be resolved quickly through a locally based Caribbean consulate of embassy, but if not, unfortunately the traveler will be returned home on the next available flight.

Should you become a citizen of any island in the Caribbean, documentation for travel is not onerous for visiting neighboring islands. You can get a second passport for a Caribbean island via any of the two citizenship by investment programs available. These make it possible foreign nationals to claim their stake in lush green, peaceful isles. Plus there are lots of chances for visa free travel and investment in the rest of the Caricom region. Nowhere on earth is quite like the Caribbean for a second nationality. For details on applications for second citizenship feel free to get in touch with us. There is so much to do and see, plus not forgetting the many possibilities for wealth preservation. Enjoy lower taxes and no capital gains tax which make it possible to engage in smart financial planning and management via offshore company registration.

Certain countries within Europe, the US and Africa have established travel arrangements with countries in the Caribbean. This arrangement may allow for more lenient travel restrictions into the treaty countries, so that citizens may be able to enter with a national identity card, a birth certificate or driver’s license. In such instances, passports are not necessary, especially if the flight is direct. However, during travel if stops are made over in other countries where this agreement does not exist, the traveler is expected to provide all the necessary travel documents to the travel and immigration authorities.

Along with Caribbean travel documents, the subject of visas is very relevant. Like agreeing to relax on travel requirements between countries, there may not be visa requirements to enter certain Caribbean countries depending on the country in which the passport was issued or there may be visa requirements. Traveling without a visa where necessary as a travel document is considered a crime and breach of immigration laws in the country for which the visa is needed for entry. As a Caribbean travel document, a visa must be valid, that is, must not have passed its expiration date. If the expiration date on a visa has passed, the visa is automatically rendered invalid and must be renewed. Such visa is therefore unsafe for travel.

Most Caribbean countries have very strict rules governing the entrance and exit of certain items through persons who travel to the Caribbean For example, plants, animals and meat can only be brought into a country if the necessary licenses were issued for traveling with those documents. In the absence of the necessary travel documents and licenses, plants and animals are usually quarantined and taken from the visitor. If the item is not considered hazardous, under certain conditions, it may be kept in quarantine at the port of entry until the person leaves. However, the item may be completely confiscated during travel, especially if considered illegal, banned from entry or does not meet immigration standards, in terms of how many of the item is allowed entry into the Caribbean island.

If you are planning to rent a vehicle, do not forget to travel with your driver’s license. Having your driver’s license in hand will enable you to obtain a driver’s permit in the Caribbean island and be able to rent a vehicle and freely drive around. Without a driver’s license, the permit will not be issued since there is no other document that proves that you do hold a license. So, though not considered a travel document in the sense of a passport or visa, a driver’s license is a handy Caribbean travel document.

The use of international debit and credit cards is common nowadays for travel since they are safer and make it unnecessary to travel with large sums of money. When applying for an international credit or debit card, for travel purposes it is important to sign up for internationally accepted and known cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Eurocard, to name just a few.