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Caribbean Travel: Flights and Tours

Most people who ponder about flights, tours in and travel to the Caribbean already have an idea of the type of vacation to expect because of the international image that Caribbean islands have. The big question may however come with the flights to the Caribbean, fares, tours and travel deals that help make the Caribbean vacation planning process simpler.

Depending on the Caribbean country in mind, flights, tours and travel options may vary in terms of the type of services available, as some Caribbean countries may be luxury oriented whereas others are ecotourism destinations and as a result would lean more toward providing nature tours and travel along with beach resorts and luxury accommodations.

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Caribbean tours and travel are surely not what they once were due to the fact that, with the exception of one or two countries, every country in the Caribbean has international flights that facilitate airport and is served by major international airlines. With the presence of several cays, there are ‘unaccounted’ destinations without international airports but these can be easily accessed by ferry and small private or national airlines which provide dependable, regular flights. Such is the case with flights within the Bahamas which alone constitutes about 700 cays and many other small islands, Anguilla which too has surrounding cays and The Saints which form part of the French Overseas Departments of Guadeloupe and Martinique. Flights to the Caribbean island of Dominica are frequent in spite of the absence of an international airport since neighboring Caribbean islands with international airports and flights serve as hubs. Connecting flights can be taken to Dominica, and with the presence of night landing facilities, access is increased and easier.

Flights, tours and travel deals for Caribbean travel are endless and may vary in nature depending on whether the travel deal is offered by a hotel, an airline or agency. As such, hotels in the Caribbean may offer travel deals, flights and tour packages at certain periods of the year such as at Christmas, summer or carnival when visitors flock to the Caribbean, or during the off seasons in order to encourage tourists and maintain bookings. Travel deals from airlines are a means of competition and are often given for frequent flying based on flyer miles or early bookings. Caribbean travel deals combined with a Caribbean hotel package do add to the fun and excitement of travel to the Caribbean as well as encourage tourism, which is a significant source of income for the Caribbean.

Airlines with regular flights to the Caribbean include Air Canada, Air Jamaica, Air Tran Airways, American Airlines, British Airways, Continental Airlines, Spirit Airlines, US Airways, jetBlue, Copa, Air Berlin, Condor, Caribbean Airlines, LIAT, Arkefly, USA 3000, Cayman Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Delta and West Jet. Airlines such as Air France provide flights to the French Antilles from Europe and can therefore be used to access Dominica as a connecting flight. KLM has flights to the Dutch Antilles (Bonaire) from Amsterdam and also has scheduled flights to Ecuador. From Brazil to the Dutch Antilles, flights from Avianca are regular, whilst Tam, Dutch Antilles Express, Insel Air and Variag facilitate travel access in and out of Latin America. Likewise, a number of Caribbean flights from Europe and other parts of the Caribbean serve Cuba. Flights to Cuba include Air Jamaica, KLK/Martinair, Virgin, Air France, Iberia,, Iberia, Air Europa and Cubana (the national airline of Cuba).

Tours in the different Caribbean countries are varied. These may be organised as trips to historical sites, shopping centers or adventure tours. Tours to dive sites are usually recommended as guided tours, as well as aerial slides and tram activities in forested areas.