Carribean Trips

Carribean Trips

Caribbean Trips

Both fortunately and unfortunately, Caribbean trips are mainly identified with sun bathing, lazing in the hot tropical sun under a colorful umbrella on white sand beaches, and are consequently mainly pictured as a place for relaxation, luxury stays and endless sleep under a beach umbrella. Adventure things to do on a Caribbean trip, however, prove otherwise, since the islands of the Caribbean are diverse and capable of providing tourists with lots of fun on sun stricken white sand beaches, but in lush, green nature reserves and forests too where there are a million things to do. Amazing Caribbean trips as a result of unique things to do through ecotourism have given rise to five star hotels, affordable resorts, cottages and villages in untouched interiors of many Caribbean vacation islands, near rivers and waterfalls for a unique and truly tropical experience. As the wonders and healing powers of nature are being experimented with among the numerous things to do during a Caribbean trip, ecofriendly accommodations in the Caribbean help visitors to experience the relaxing powers of nature, spiritual wellness and healthy living during their stay on the in the islands.

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If thinking of ‘What to do when I get to the Caribbean?” here are some of the many possibilities of things to do on a Caribbean trip.

Diving and Snorkeling

On a Caribbean trip, one of the first things to do is visit the beach. The Caribbean islands are known for crystal blue waters and beautiful white, sometimes pink sand beaches that are ideal for diving. An interesting Caribbean trip thing to do is to visit offshore cays which are always a favorite of tourists who own private yachts or are capable of renting boats for venturing on day trips on islets for a true diving experience. Many Caribbean islands were formed by coral reefs and provide sheltered habitats for many species of underwater life, to include snapper, horse fish, sting rays, turtles, dolphins, plants and reef formations. Diving is therefore just a few of the amazing things to do on a Caribbean trip. Dive centers are widely available on the islands and provide guided dive excursions, short dive classes, underwater submarine trips and boat trips. Snorkeling is surely a fun thing to do on any regular beach visit.

For Caribbean trips, snorkeling and dive gear are often brought in by visitors or can be obtained locally on island at dive shops and hotels. Due to security reasons, visitors, whether trained or amateur, must be careful not to venture into areas with which they are unfamiliar or secluded from the presence of other sea bathers, as this is not always a smart thing to do on a Caribbean trip. In fact, many Caribbean islands are bordered by the Caribbean Sea on the west and the Atlantic Ocean on the east, which seems to offer great surfing adventure, because the waters are much less tranquil than those of the Caribbean Sea. As a result, caution must always be exercised when venturing to the Atlantic side of any island and looking for things to do on a Caribbean trip there.


On a trip to the Caribbean, yachting, of course, is another great option as one of the things to do whilst on vacation in the Caribbean. Where else to yacht in peaceful waters and mariners, whilst enjoying the sound of steel pan, reggae, live jazz or calypso from local beach restaurants, resorts or hotels, and sipping on a glass of some real good Caribbean rum punch? After a brief visit in the island of Antigua, sail can be set to nearby Anguilla or St. Martin, then the compass can be set southward to St. Lucia, the French isles of Guadeloupe, Martinique, The Saints or Dominica. Barbados and St. Vincent and the Grenadines are further south. More options exist if heading up to the Unites States, as stops can be made in the USVI, the BVI or maybe the Bahamas. This should be ticked on your list of Caribbean trips things to do because yachting fun never stops on a Caribbean trip.

Whale Watching

One of the top Caribbean trip things to do is whale watching. Whale watching has become a major part of tourism in Dominica, which is known for its pronounced volcanic features. As a result of the thousands of divers who flock to the island for whale watching through excursions by licensed dive centres, the island of Dominica has been called the “Whale watching capital of the Caribbean”. If visiting Dominica, whale watching as a thing to do is a must. A A Caribbean trip to Dominica is fulfilling for the nature lover. The Caribbean island of Dominica is recognised for its healthy marine life and eco diversity.


Of course, if you like the beach but carried along your hiking boots your first stop should be at a jeep rental or at the pick-up point of a nature resort or guest house. As a number one thing to do in islands like Dominica, Jamaica, St. Lucia and St. Vincent, hiking is surely great way to obtain a firsthand experience of the exotic plant and animal species. Following hike trails is highlighted on the Caribbean trip things to do list lead to hidden fresh water pools, lakes, rivers, mountains and rain forests which can offer new bathing and nature fun. Eco friendly hotels in the Caribbean are usually equipped with trained tour guides who assist people on Caribbean trips with hikes which are often conducted within the vicinity of the resort/guest house or in other areas around the island.

Adventure Sports

If when flying in to land or mooring at the shore, you are impressed by lush verdure forests, then deciding right there and then to have some serious exploring during your stay is a must. On a Caribbean trip, there is no reason to miss out on river tubing, tree top swinging, kayaking, bird watching, aerial tram site seeing, driving through the volcano in the St. Lucia or soaking in the sulfur baths in the island of Dominica.

Wellness and Nature Retreat

As an alternative to the sweaty on the go hiking Caribbean island trip, wellness and nature retreat resorts and centres help take off stress, soothe the mind with yoga and relaxation exercises and feed the body with good organically grown local foods. After an adventurous Caribbean trip, make sure to prioritize a wellness and nature retreat as one of the things to do before returning home.

Site Seeing

Caribbean islands are full of life and color when it comes to history. Organised tours facilitate site seeing as a Caribbean trip thing to do through visitors to indigenous sites, forts, sugar mills and plantations, botanic gardens, national parks, museums, craft markets, villages and commercial centers. Whether visiting a Caribbean island on a stopover Caribbean cruise, for a few days of lengthy trip, there are lots of interesting Caribbean island trip sites to visit.

Honeymoon and Weddings

Romantic honeymoons and weddings of choice can be organised for a great Caribbean trip. There are many countries to choose from, and the options are endless, if planning a church wedding, a wedding at the beach or with a waterfall cascading in the background.


Last but not least, do not miss out on the fête. It is just impossible to go on a Caribbean trip and not venture into the hot soca, calypso or reggae spot. If you are not too adventurous, at least, get out of your hotel room on Friday evening and head to the happy hour for some rum punch, live local music and waist winding as your top Caribbean trip thing to do.